Thursday, June 25, 2009

Extraordinary Desserts

How can a foodie visit SD without visiting one of the main foodie attractions - Extraordinary Desserts. I've been here several times... while the new location in downtown SD has wine and a bigger food selection, I prefer the original location because it's alot cozier.

We got here shortly after dinner (~8:30pm) and the line was starting already! This must be one of the few, if not the only dessert shop that has a bouncer at the door. Whether it's take out or eating in, everyone waits in line until you enter the little shop with the HUGE display of the daily sweet temptations :)

Everything looked wonderfully delicious and beautiful - the toughest choice is picking just one. Here are just a few of the desserts that evening... sorry I don't have the names for them.

Tropical White Chocolate Beignet with Mango Peach Sorbet
After much debate, I finally picked my dessert- tropical white chocolate beignet- one of the daily specials. Not many places make beignets and since I don't go to New Orleans that often, I am always hoping that one place around here will make it on par to Cafe Du Monde's... but it didn't happen yet again. The beignet was over fried and a bit too dry. While the cream in the middle of the beignet was good, the favorite part of the dessert was the sorbet... fresh, slightly tart with bursts of peach and mango flavors!

Chocolate Banana Tart
My friends ordered the chocolate banana tart which was really good. Buttery crust with a custard banana filling topped with large chocolate pieces- very yummy :)

Funny thing about my experiences with Extraordinary Desserts... I've never really loved any of the desserts I've had there. Why do I still keep coming back? Because the desserts are so beautiful, I keep hoping that one day, the taste will be as good as how they look. Maybe one day I will pick the right dessert...

Extraordinary Desserts
2929 Fifth Ave,
San Diego, CA 92103

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