Thursday, June 3, 2010

Astro Karaoke

It was midnight on a Sunday night in Torrance and we just finished watching Sex and the City 2. So what do 3 gals do... of course we continue the celebration with cocktails! But it's Torrance... and aside from some ghetto dive bars, nearly every single decent bar was closed (because it's a Sunday) until we stumbled upon Astro Karaoke. 

Astro is located in the residential neighborhood of Lomita. It's a small, intimate, friendly local bar with a great wait staff. Don't let the name fool you... the large karaoke room is adjacent to the bar area and it's private. There must have been some good sound insulation, because I didn't notice the singing much at all.

Sake Cocktails - White Peach, Grape, Lychee

There were about a dozen different types of sake cocktails to choose from, but we only tried 3 (I know... shame on us!). All three of them were delicious, fruity, and refreshing. Not sure how much sake they put in there... but I could barely taste any alcohol in my white peach sakatini??? Not sure if it's a good thing to not taste the alcohol- because that just means next time I go, I wouldn't know when to stop. Hah!

Appetizer Sampler

A collection of Japanese pub fare: three types of dried squid (saki ika) and dried fish. Some were savory, some were sweet, but they were all charbroiled beforehand so when I munched on them, they were still slightly warm with a smoky flavor to them.

 Buffalo Wings

Pretty standard fare. Well cooked wings tossed with spicy buffalo sauce served with ranch dressing. I particularly liked that the wings were not overly greasy. Although I must say Hooters wings are still superior!

It's always a pleasant surprise to unexpectedly stumble upon little hidden gems... and it so happened late one night in Lomita. Go figure. Astro has a great friendly laid back atmosphere with superb cocktails that I can't wait to share with more friends in the future.

Astro Karaoke
2150 Lomita Blvd.
Lomita, CA 90717
(310) 530-4800

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