Monday, May 10, 2010

Pappa Rich

After dinner in Pasadena this last weekend, one of my friends convinced us to skip Gale's tiramisu to check out this new and upcoming dessert joint in Old Town Pasadena - Pappa Rich... the "King of Buns." For the folks familiar with Old Town, it's just across the street from Twin Palms (although Twin Palms just closed their doors) and adjacent to Buca de Beppo. And if you don't know the area, then you can google it. 

Since it's the "King of Buns," automatically I thought there will be tons of choices, like red bean buns or kimchi buns (FYI: Pappa Rich originated in Korea). But nope... only ONE type - butter.

Pappa Rich Bun

These buns are slightly crispy on the outside and warm and filled with some melted gooey butter on the inside. Appetizing - yes. Great - no. They were good, but I think any decent bread fresh out of the oven is good. If you go to some decent bakery and time it strategically to when the bread is fresh out of the oven, slap on some butter... that's what you pretty much get at Pappa Rich's.

- $3 -

Red Devil Cookie

Two small red devil cookies sandwiching cream cheese filling. Cookies were a bit dry and nothing special. Cream cheese icing was just plain sweet and gross. Overall, the cookie was disappointing.
- $2.75 -

Doubt I will be coming to Pappa Rich's again... "King of Buns" I think not.

100 W. Green St.
Pasadena, CA 91105 

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  1. I concur! Give me Gale's desserts any day!