Monday, June 14, 2010

Blackmarket Bakery

I have heard of Blackmarket Bakery for some time, but never got around to looking for it till this last week. And "looking" is right... because it is hidden amongst industrial office buildings a block from John Wayne Airport.

A tiny side door opens up to Blackmarket Bakery. Not a typical bakery- all the baked goods are displayed on a table and wall shelves, rather than a display case. It felt like walking through a baker's gift shop... with hidden gems surfacing with each sniff.

Reviews said the chocolate croissants were must haves, but they ran out. Other flavors were almond and berry cream cheese... but I wanted the chocolate one! So next time. Other treats included homemade marshmallows (never seen these before! mental note: must grab a bag next time), alien-looking sugar cookies, wine flour brownies, bars, assorted coffee and pound cakes, shortbreads, scones, and wine flour goodies. That's right... you heard me right- wine flour! I've never heard of it until Blackmarket Bakery too... it's made from grape seed and skins after vineyards have crushed the grapes for wine. Not surprisingly, wine flour has a dark burgundy purple color to it and smells like fermented bread. Blackmarket sells plain wine flour and a variety of wine flour products - focaccia, pasta, croutons. I can't wait to try the wine flour to make my own pasta :)

 Decided to try a few goodies (as if I can leave a bakery with just one thing!)... Currant and Cherry Cabernet Brownie, Blackberry Almond Coffeecake, and Florentine Bar

I chose the Currant and Cherry brownie made with wine flour because the dark chocolate brownie sounded way too rich. But the currant brownie was still too sweet for my taste. The brownie was rich and dense- not what my bite of brownie. I prefer my brownies with more cake and texture to it... this brownie tasted more like ganache with chunks of currant and cherries. However, the wine flour added a subtle hint of earthiness to the brownie that was surprising and original.

- $3 -

The blackberry almond coffeecake was moist, slightly sweet, and had whole blackberries in it. After I finished the cake, I thought it was a blackberry almond pound cake. Since it was a coffeecake, I expected more cinnamon and spices. But nonetheless, it was good!

- $6 -

The best thing from Blackmarket was the Florentine Bar... thick layer of toasted sliced almonds, mixed with honey, cranberries, eggs, and tiny bits of candied ginger to give it a lil' kick... on top of a buttery short bread! Need I say more? I love the gooeyness on top and the crunch on the bottom. Double thumbs up on this one!

- $3 -

Blackmarket Bakery definitely has lots of potential. It's exciting to see a bakery be adventurous with the use of its ingredients. Hope they come up with other stellar treats like the Florentine Bar.

Blackmarket Bakery
17941 Sky Park Circle, Suite E
Irvine, CA 92614

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