Saturday, May 1, 2010


Lido Island is the quiet and tranquil neighbor of the bustling and often times crowded Balboa Island off the Newport Beach Coast. And that's also the reason why if you're not a local (or friends with a local), you probably haven't heard of Sabatino's. Sabatino's is tucked in a small alley way amid residential homes next to the Lido Shipyard.

There is seating both indoors and outdoors... but I highly recommend the outdoor patio on a nice breezy spring evening.

Complimentary bread with their yummy olive tapenade! Unlike most other tapenades out there, this one isn't all smashed up like a spread. There are chunks of green olives in there, with some peppers and onions. And the great thing is this tapenade isn't salty at all.

Italian Wedding Soup

It was kinda like an Italian version of Chinese Egg Drop Soup with mini meatballs. I liked it!

Baked Mastaccioli

Cheesy- check. Lots of yummy sweet and spicy Italian sausage- check. Sweet tomato sauce - check. The star of the show here is the sausage and the tomato sauce... sausage was lean and you can definitely taste the kick in the spicy sausage. But to my surprise, I really enjoyed the tomato sauce - it was both sweet and savory, which balanced out the sausages quite well.


"World Famous" Sizzling Sausage Platter

It's world famous and it's our first time to this place, so of course we had to order it. It came on a nice sizzling hot cast iron skillet which kept the sausage warm throughout most of the meal. And since it was still "frying" on that thing, the sausages had a nice crispy skin. Now onto the sausage (the star of the restaurant and the establishment really)... I could tell it was leaner than most sausages and it wasn't too salty at all. There were bits of provolone cheese stuffed in it that added a nice texture and flavor to it as well. The platter was served with some grilled veggies and a side of angel hair pasta. At $20 a pop and they only gave us one link of sausage, it seemed a little steep. Claro's Italian markets also make their own sausage (it's a bit fatter) which is quite tasty and they are only $2/pound.

- $20 -

Sabatino's is a cute charming restaurant tucked in residential Lido Island. It makes for a great date spot and some yummy Italian sausages... but if you're only going for the sausages, I suggest either going to Claro's (much more affordable) or buying Sabatino's sausages at their deli and cooking it at home. 

251 Shipyard Way, Cabin D
Newport Beach, CA 92663

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